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My parents’ pit mix, Buddy, went missing from their house last Friday. My mom let him and his sister out in the back yard at about 4am and accidentally fell back asleep. Buddy, a velcro dog if there ever was one, commonly will climb the fence and round the corner to the front porch if left outside without his humans for too long. When my mom woke up to look for him at about 6am, he was nowhere to be found. They suspect he was stolen, because there were deep claw marks in the walkway leading up to their porch—like he put up a fight—and he’s not one to wander off.

Obviously, with him being a pit, we’re fearing the worst. We miss him terribly and are trying every avenue—including my usually not-so-personal Tumblr!—to get him home safe and sound. And, being that I’m 80+ miles away, I’m feeling kind of helpless right now.

8-year-old brindle pit mix, 65 lbs., energetic yet gentle, answers to Buddy.


Please email with any tips. THANK YOU!!!

Hi friends, so I realize this is outside of the realm of this blog, but I would be remiss to ignore reaching out to its much more significant following. Please share, especially if you’re located/have connections in or near middle Georgia. Buddy is my family’s heart, and has been since he was rescued by my dad as a tiny puppy over eight years ago. We’re all really broken up and are desperate to find him, and I’m running out of ideas of how I can help my parents get him back.

Thanks, y’all! I promise I’ll get back to posting more pics of happy hounds on a regular basis soon :)

Spotify can never replace my iPod, but it can ease the pain | C|Net

To former music pirates, Spotify is like Valhalla. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of confusion that hits the first few times you use the app and realize the vastness of its reach. Spotify contains nearly every song in existence, with few exceptions — all wrapped up in an interface that’s both more functional and easier to use than iTunes. It has music-discovery and radio features, and it gives you the ability to know, at a moment’s notice, what all your friends are listening to. It’s everything iTunes should have become.

Why are we starving our bottoms of the resources - like an extra metre of material - to stay comfortable? Why have we succumbed to pantorexia? It is, of course, all a symptom of women’s continuing, demented belief that, at any moment, they might face some snap inspection of their ‘total hotness,’ and have to reveal their underwear to a baying crowd, possibly featuring George Clooney. In this respect, women have communally lost all reason. Ladies! On how many occasions in the past year have you needed to wear sexy pants? In other words, to break this right down, how many times this year have you suddenly, unexpectedly, had sex in a brightly lit room, with a hard-to-please erotic connoisseur? Exactly. On those kind of odds, you might just as well be keeping a backgammon board down there, to entertain a group of elderly ladies in the event of emergencies. It’s more likely to happen.

Caitlin Moran on big pants in The Times (via Jezebel)