I Feel The Anger of a Thousand Suns When You Steal My Ideas In Meetings, DAN, So YES I’m Gonna Raise My Voice Right Now and You’re Gonna Take a Seat and Zip Your Idea-Stealing-Mouth You Fucking Fraud.

A Guide For Brands That Have Recently Discovered Women | McSweeney’s

A common mistake is not actually seeing women who are over 32, are above a size 8, are mothers, and/or are obviously smarter and more capable than you. This is what women call “being invisible,” which is deceptive since they’re just as much of an actual physical life form as you are, except without the sense of entitlement.

The pressing matter of Emma Watson’s tits | Caitlin Moran in The Times

Even with only 20 per cent of them revealed, breasts will always unfailingly act as some manner of dog whistle, attracting the unwanted attention of people with a combination of a) fundamental confusion about female bodies and b) a column that needs writing by 1pm. And so it was that Emma Watson’s tits became the centre of a thunderously predictable faux-concern troll-debate. Can you, they pretended to ask, be a feminist but still show the skin in your breast area?