Tim Minchin interview from Toronto’s Metro Morning [AUDIO]

Tim Minchin is known for his satirical, sometimes profane music, his un-wavering skepticism and atheism, and for writing one of the most popular children’s musicals currently playing. Matt Galloway spoke with him this morning.

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This is what you are reacting to in that song,” Minchin said. “You have a slight sadness when you are a grown-up. You’ve stopped climbing trees and you do not know when that happened. Maybe you’ve already climbed your last tree. You feel a loss of innocence, but you are also facing the truth that you are not the grown-up you thought you would be as a child. You’ve lost your childhood, but you’re actually still a child. And you never got your super powers.

Tim Minchin, on “When I Grow Up” from Matilda : One man’s obsession with one song from ‘Matilda